Friday, September 10, 2010

His Promises....

Some laugh and scoff, some mock and jeer
The warning Voice they boldly spurn
In ignorance they scoff and sneer
‘This One who said He will return
Where is He now, this Holy God?
Has He forgotten what He said’?
And carelessly some choose to trod
Beneath their feet His sacred Head

Some choose to stop the Voice within
Loudly declaring unbelief
Deceived, they choose the road of sin
A one way path to endless grief
And some will testify and swear
There is no living God above
They have ears but cannot hear
The Voice of everlasting love

Some stood beneath the blood-stained tree
Mocking and challenging the Son
They cried, ‘If you are really He
Then save yourself and come on down’
With heavy rocks they sealed the tomb
Satisfied that hate had won
But earth could never hold the Groom
The great I AM, God’s only Son

Some turn to look at Calvary
And see their sad and hopeless fate
They see His love so full and free
Pouring on the hands of hate
Before His tender love they fall
Repenting, crying ‘I believe’
And He hears their earnest call
As full redemption they receive

For every knee will someday bow
And every tongue will then confess
He has declared it to be so
And He keeps all his promises
‘Behold, I’m coming soon,’ He said
‘And My reward will be with Me
I’ll judge the living and the dead
And then….and then…eternity’

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

First of all you must understand
In the last days scoffers will come…..2 Pet.3:3

The Lord is not slow in keeping His promises
As some understand slowness.
He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish,
But everyone to come to repentance. 2 Pet.3:9

I tell you the truth,
Anyone who will not receive
the kingdom of God like
a little child
shall never enter it. Luke 18:17

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