Sunday, September 26, 2010


Like a glimmer of breathless expectation
A tremor above the horizon-line
A soundless softening of creation
As the deeper shades resign
To the whisper of the heavens
Though the night’s dark veil is drawn
Just behind this heavy curtain
Lies the splendor of the dawn

See the mellowing of purple
Hint of gold beyond the blue
As a Power; silent, subtle
Breathes a sigh of gentler hue
On this bed of darkened fallow
On a plain of sad despair
See His love, a golden halo
Gleaming on this groaning sphere

Like a symbol of His awesome wonder
Morning spills across the earth
Like a soundless golden thunder
It envelopes the universe
See the light of His great glory
See the wonder of the Son
Oh, before this day is history
May another soul be won

Like a glimmer of breathless expectation
A tremor in the heart of God
He extends another pleading invitation
To the cold, unbroken sod
He yearns to see a soundless softening
Before eternity’s dark veil is drawn
For just behind this heavy, silent curtain
Waits the glory of an endless Dawn

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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