Monday, September 6, 2010

They Pass Away

What is a book?
Or what is fame?
They are another’s words
And another’s name
That new hit single
Will soon be number one
But where does it go
When its climb is done
It will follow all others
Into decay
For everything in this life
Will pass away

Wreaths on a grave-stone
Clouds in the sky
Blooms on the grapevine
The tear in our eye
The storm in its fury
The calm of the morn
Youth in its beauty
All dies that is born
The bud then the glory
And the slow sad decay
This life and each story
Will pass away

The knowledge of scholars
The wisdom of age
The rise of a nation
May grace this earth’s stage
The dormant fallow
The dell rich and green
The winter and summer
And all in between
The lonely, the lovely
The bright and the gray
Mere drops on a canvas
That will pass away

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Heaven and earth will pass away,
But My words will never pass away. Matt.24:35

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