Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Like a Song.........

Like a song, like a song in the dead of the night
Your love whispers to me
Above the demons, which seem to delight
In torment and misery
Into my inner heart of hearts
Sweet is the lullaby
Heavenly music; how great Thou art
As Your love flows from on high

Blessed are the poor in spirit, You say
Ah Lord, I am poor indeed
It seems I awake to a brand new day
To suffer a brand new need
Blesses are those who mourn and weep
When will my tears cease to flow?
There are so many who carelessly sleep
Without a Savior, you know
Blessed indeed are the humble and meek
Oh Lord, may I thus be
The spirit is willing; the flesh is weak
And I am so foolish, you see
Blessed are those who hunger and thirst
For things that are pure and right
Oh God, the food of this world is cursed
Guide my appetite
Blessed are the merciful, tender and kind
God, such as You are to me
May I in return help another to find
Your fountain of love rich and free
Blessed are the pure; in this wretched world
So stained with greed and lust
As all the forces of sin are unfurled
Oh God, in Thee we trust
Blessed are the peacemakers, though there may be
Turmoil and endless strife
If we hold His hand there is victory
At the end of this little life
Blessed are you, oh children of men
If you are hated and cursed
As You declare your love for Him…
For someday the last shall be first

Like a song, like a song in the dead of night
You whisper tenderly
Blessed are those who choose to do right
Someday they will dwell with me
Into my inner heart of hearts
Oh what a sweet hope is stirred
As I feel the mercy that never departs
And I hear the love of His word

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Matthew 5:1-12

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