Sunday, September 19, 2010


Jesus; sweet music is His name
What comfort fills each breath
Jesus; He took our sin and shame
To save our souls from death
Jesus; from His hands and feet
Redemption’s river flowed
Jesus; making us complete
When His grace is bestowed

Jesus; what fellowship divine
While sorrow's ages roll
Jesus; what blessed hope is mine
My brokenness made whole
Jesus; strengthening the weak
Restoring what was cursed
Jesus; Counselor to the meek
And Water for our thirst

Jesus; how His mercy gleams
His goodness never falters
Bring Him all your broken dreams
And leave them on the altars
Jesus; Father, Shepherd, Friend
He’ll never let us go
Jesus; Faithful to the end
Jesus; I love You so

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

....and you are to give him
the name JESUS,
because He will save His people
from their sins. Matt.1:21

The wonder of His name filled me
with awe during the worship service this morning!
Oh, may that awe never fade!!!

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