Friday, September 3, 2010

Come and See

Shout to the Lord, ye children of men
Sing glory to His name
He beholds our wretchedness
And loves us just the same
His awesome works on man’s behalf
Never fades or falters
Yet He never scorns or laughs
At prayers from feeble altars

Come then, let us all rejoice
And let His praise be heard
Lift your heart and lift your voice
To join the singing bird
The enemy will cringe in fear
Before His holy face
But all His children feel Him near
He is in every place

Come and see what God has done
He turns our seas to land
He rules forever from his throne
Yet dwells in hearts of man
Come then, and behold his power
His eyes behold all nations
Every creature, every flower
Are fruits of His creation

He preserves our very lives
And keeps our feet from slipping
He refines us with His fire
Our hands and feet equipping
Come and listen everywhere
This God who sets us free
Will not reject his children’s prayers
Or withhold love from thee

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Psalms 66

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