Friday, September 24, 2010

It's a Beautiful Life

The red sun just broke through the wall of dark gray
Flooding the dawn with its light
Bursting into a fiery display
I gaze with rapturous delight
Suddenly all of my trouble and pain
All of my worry and strife
Seem small; I see Your glory again
Oh, it’s a beautiful life

A big old crow heralds the dawn
I smile at his raucous cry
I guess each sings with the voice he is given
Glory to God on high
Trouble and turmoil there ever will be
But God guides us through the strife
There’s not a moment that He cannot see
Oh, it’s a beautiful life

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

I’m thinking this morning of those
Who need to look hard to see the beauty.
Flood victims in Pakistan,
Trapped miners in Chile,
The orphans of Africa,
Intense need in many countries and hearts………
The list is endless
And yet there God is…..
Oh God, wrap Your arms around them


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