Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Evidence of Him

The evidence of Him is everywhere
Brimming from land and sea and air
Scaling the highest point on earth
Lying beneath the ocean’s girth
Great wonder and mystery combine
Within the clasp of God’s design

Not a convergence of cosmic forces
Putting in place all the stars and their courses
Not an evolving coincidence
Where we are the victims of circumstance
God has a plan for each precious child
Living where man has destroyed and defiled

We are not merely formed molecules
Deciding for ourselves who is God; who rules
Worshipping the created instead of Creator
Yet each day there is evidence of the Mediator
We may choose to reject the beauty of Him
But someday we will bow ‘neath His diadem

The evidence of Him; an intangible truth
He whispers within at the hour of birth
The Giver of life, the conqueror of death
He holds in his power every mortal breath
And though we may simply possess faith so dim
Tis enough to behold the evidence of Him

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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