Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Prayer this Morning....

Open up my eyes dear Lord
To blessings at my door
That I may see with thankful heart
Your tender mercies pour
The red geranium in a pot
Enhanced by gold sunshine
The music of sun-tanned bare feet
The finch perched on the vine

The carpet where my children laugh
And grow sweet memories
Their echo dances ‘cross the grass
And in the sighing trees
The mellow peach upon my tongue
Handprints on window panes
A song recalled when I was young
Sung word for word again

The cricket’s ceaseless melody
The robust cobs of corn
A warm dust-scented memory
As I hear combines drone
Open up my eyes dear Lord
Beyond duty’s demand
Lest I should miss the rich reward
You place at my right hand

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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