Friday, August 27, 2010


We marvel at the blazing dawn
Brushing the night away
The glowing of the ruddy sun
As evening turns to gray
We gaze upon the fabric of
A glorious universe
And with our lips sing songs of love
To God of heaven and earth

We praise Him for His wondrous love
And try to understand
How He could leave His throne above
To dwell with foolish man
And in the end we realize
There’s nothing we can do
To gain favor in His eyes
When our wee life is through

Oh what a wondrous sacrifice
He paid so we may live
Once for all, eternal price
In mercy he forgives
In humble gratitude we bow
And lift our hearts to Him
As His mercy He bestows
To wash away our sin

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Therefore I urge you, brothers,
In light of God’s mercy
To offer your bodies
As living sacrifices
Holy and pleasing to God


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