Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Grandma Martin

If only I could see you again
Then I would tell you I’m sorry
For not really truly listening
As you would tell a story
I would pay a tidy sum
If I could hear them now
You were such a dear grand-mum
I didn’t see it somehow

But still I can hear your jolly laugh
Sometimes until tears filled your eyes
And sometimes at night when I can’t sleep
I can hear your lullabies
You were love exemplified
In every step you took
Oft you spoke of a Friend at your side
And oft you would read His Book

I’d tell you I didn’t mean to peek
Into your bureau drawer
To see if there were any treats
Perhaps for us, in store
And maybe I’ll even have grown to love
The tick of the old chime clock
Reminding me that I’m still awake
And it’s already two-o’ clock

I’d hoard all your one line sermons
I often recall a few
‘Waste not, want not’…’if you want to eat
Then you must work a little too’
‘If you do not value a penny
You do not deserve a dollar’
‘Eat your crust, for the starving are many’
‘We are forever ‘a scholar’

‘Life is far too short to waste’
‘Prepare to meet your God’
‘Repent at leisure if you sow in haste’
‘To spoil a child, spare the rod’
‘Can’t will never accomplish a thing’
‘There’s some good in everyone’
‘Tomorrow it will all look better’
And ‘the early-bird catches the worm’

If only I could see you again
To fully appreciate you
Your wisdom would not be in vain
And your memories I’d cherish too
I hope I’ll recognize you
Someday on a celestial hill
I’ll look for the lady with sewing on her lap
And hands that are never still

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Yes, Grandma…
There is so much I’ve forgotten
But so much I remember too
And in the most unexpected moment
Suddenly I think of you

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