Sunday, August 15, 2010

Jesus Loves Me..

You know the name of every baby
Plucked from the womb before they saw the light
You know the name of every lady
Most people simply call the girls of night
You see the homeless drunkard and poor beggar
Each member of each tribe in every race
For no one strays beyond your loving mercy
Nor sinks beneath Your sweet amazing grace

Jesus loves me this I know, the sweetest words of all
In gentle tones compassion flows as helpless teardrops fall
Jesus loves me there can be no dearer words I find
For He is Love and He is Hope and Grace for all mankind

You see the rocks on which we stumble
You see the winds that toss our sail
You send the trial to keep us humble
And leaning on the Love that will not fail
You touch the vilest unclean sinner
For every man is vile without Your blood
But you transform the loser to a winner
As he is cleansed within your holy flood

Jesus loves me this I know His mercy fills the earth
He takes this empty shell of mine and fills it with His worth
Jesus loves me, may His love shine through me to all men
Until He reaches from above and draws me home to Him

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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