Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Daddy, what makes the stars stay in the sky?
And Daddy, who made the butterfly?
Daddy, who made the day and night?
And why is there two ways; wrong and right?
Daddy, who makes the trees and flowers grow?
Daddy…..who will tell them if you don’t know

Daddy, where do people go when they die?
Daddy, what is up past the sky?
When I am naughty, why are you sad?
Daddy, why is there good and bad?
Oh Daddy, you know I love you so
Where does love come from, Daddy do you know?

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Inspired by the priests questions to Levin
In Anna Karenina….

After asking Levin why he cannot believe
The priest concludes with these questions…
“What will you tell him if you yourself know nothing?
How will you answer him?
Will you abandon him to the allurements of this world
and the devil?

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