Monday, August 16, 2010


The sailor travels the moody crest
Of cobalt and turquoise sea
The soldier obeys the commander’s request
As he battles the enemy
The farmer plows and plants the field
The astronaut studies the stars
The preacher seeks a heavenly yield
The mechanic fixes cars
The secretary types and files
The officer serves and protects
The dentist polishes fading smiles
The janitor cleans the mess
The trucker hauls whatever we need
The doctor works for our health
The banker protects the fruits of greed
Of need and phantom wealth
The fireman douses the ruthless flame
The teacher educates
The sports-man gets paid to play a game
The inventor creates
The carpenter works with hammer and wood
The factory-worker with steel
The waiter hopes the food is good
The cook prepares the meal
The nurse provides soft, tender care
The gardener tills and prunes
The barber trims and styles our hair
The singer strums his tunes
No matter the means by which we live
No matter wherever we roam
There is a universal drive
For love and home sweet home

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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