Monday, August 16, 2010


Blameless, the sliver quarter moon
Suspended in the blue
Faultless, the wind that moans a tune
Where fields are wet with dew
Guiltless too, the froth of stars
That grace earth’s pinnacle
But somehow this pure summer heart
Must bend to autumn’s will

Rampant, the purple wild flower reigns
Merged with golden rod
Collaborating in brilliant strains
A garden sown by God
As all along the fence and hill
They boldly flaunt their smile
No timid face will greet the chill
Of autumn’s flaming mile

For just as winter turns to spring
And spring to summer’s bliss
So too summer must yield again
To autumns lingering kiss
For all of nature must resign
And all of man must too
Beneath the Hand of great design
When life’s summer is through

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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