Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Misconception (about God)

Some say He sits upon His throne
To view the sins of men,
Recording all the works we’ve done
‘Til He returns again,
They say that He is never seen
And very seldom heard,
They view Him as a Judge so mean
And not a loving Lord
I long to shout from mountain-peaks
Open up your eyes,
You deafened ears, each day He speaks
From earth and sea and skies
Oh, can’t you hear His gentle tone
Melt over every hill
As He treads the breaking dawn
And parts the darkened veil
Oh, can’t you hear Him in the song
Of earth, its Maker praising
The flowing brook, the feathered throng
The eastern sky a-blazing
The cry of babes, the bleat of lamb
The faithful rooster crowing
Oh, can’t you see Him ride the storm
In nature’s power wielding
And yet He keeps wee sparrows warm
Beneath a downy shielding
Oh, can’t you see Him in the tears
Of humbled hearts so tender
Bidding farewell to loved ones dear
As back to earth they render
The body of a precious soul
But there is peace in knowing
That this is not their final goal
And in the rainbow of the calm
With storm and fury fading
He ministers a healing balm
To faithful hearts a-waiting
And like a rose about to bloom
The tender leaves are parted
He breathes His love into the gloom
And heals the broken-hearted
Then, fragile as a butterfly
Yet strengthened by His spirit
Above life’s storm He lifts us high

Almost Home

There’s a mist rolling in across the harbor
I cannot see beyond the rocky shore
I can smell the roses blooming on the arbor
And I don’t feel so weary anymore
Up the street I hear a fiddle playing
It brings a spring into my lagging mile
I can almost see the lights for which I’m praying
I’m almost home and I begin to smile

I can almost see the sweet home fires burning
Hearth of home, where earth and heaven meet
With loved ones near to fill my hearts deep yearning
Home sweet home, my joy is now complete

I’ve labored for my share of coin and jingle
But they don’t know that I feel like a king
Upon the hearth where woe and laughter mingle
Burdens melt within that glowing ring
As I drink the wine of mirth and sorrow
The fruit of life in richest purest blend
Its warmth will give me hope again tomorrow
Heaven’s thresh-hold waits at toilings end

Oh, the dew is lying heavy on the blossom
The breeze is kissed with breath of salty foam
It revives the gladness in my bosom
For I can almost see the lights of home

There’s a mist rolling in across the harbor
But I don’t fear the rocks along the shore
Eternal roses bloom on Heaven’s arbor
And I don’t feel so weary anymore
Beyond the gloom I hear the angels singing
A hand draws me across my final mile
And now I see the Hand to which I’m clinging
I’m almost home and I begin to smile

I can almost see the sweet celestial gleaming
Portal where this earth and Heaven meet
I almost see the home of which I’m dreaming
Home sweet home, my journey is complete

I’ve labored, had my share of joy and trouble
But my inheritance is with The King
I see the thresh-hold and release earth’s rubble
Burdens melt within this glowing ring
As I drink in all the beauty of my Savior
And taste the fruit of mercy from His vine
Humbly at His feet I place my labor
Home sweet home within His love divine

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Let Go of the String

Let go of the string, let go of the string
Let go of your fear and your worrying
Release all your shame and trust in His name
Let go of the string and He’ll give you wings
And you’ll fly, yes you’ll fly
Through the clear blue sky
No, you will not fall, let go of it all
For He’ll give you wings so let go of the string
Let go of your grudges and don’t pull them back
Let go of your anger and the faith that you lack
Release that dark chord and look to the Lord
Oh He’ll give you wings so let go of the string
And you’ll fly yes you’ll fly
Through the clear blue sky
Freedom is bliss with my Hand in His
All that I must is simply trust
Trust and let go and His power He’ll show
As I let go of my string and fly on His wing
Ah, sweet, sweet release, ah, heavenly peace
Trusting His wing I let go of my string

July 28, 2009
All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Because You are my help I sing in the shadow of Your wing. My soul clings to You; Your right hand upholds me. Ps. 63:7-8

Monday, July 27, 2009

Where Once I had Been

There’s hunger in my fingertips
Unsung praises on my lips
An aching void that simply can't be filled
Desire that's unsatisfied
Although God knows I've vainly tried
He is waiting til my heart is stilled

CHO. So I come to You Jesus
Cause You’ve given me
A sweet thing that pleases
The hunger in me
I come to You Jesus
To worship and pray
As my heart releases
The hurt and the fray

In the shadow of Your Wing
There is calmness as I bring
My broken dreams and promises to You
You whisper softly in my ear
Once again my way is clear
My vision fixed unwaveringly on You

CHO. I come to You, Jesus
Casting on you
All sin that displeases
Your holy view
Wash it away Lord
Oh, make me clean
So I won't return to
Where once I had been

Take away the filth and mire
Purify my each desire
Lift me to Your sanctified plateau
There is nothing hid before You
As I thankfully adore You
And turn from where I do not want to go

CHO. So I come to You Jesus
Now my heart is still
Your Awesomeness sees us
In valley or hill
I come to You Jesus
Lay my head on Your chest
As my Calm increases
In Your holy rest

CHO.#2 Yes, I come to You, Jesus
Oh, make me clean
So I won't return to
Where once I had been

By Janet Martin
July 26 2009
All Rights Reserved

Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest. Matt.11:28


It’s not like a new pair of shoes that youre choosing
Or a fashion accessory
Its not like a sundae that you are refusing
Or…fine if it works for me
It's not a preference like music or silence
Or a moment that steals your breath
We all are choosing, even in our refusing
Eternal life or death

It's not like the weather and choosing sunshine
Over a rainy day
We cannot assume in our indecision
Eventually it will go away
And we can't decide on Judgment Morn
To decline our lifes reward
Hope that was born neath a crown of thorns
Cannot be ignored

It's not like the choices which seem to abound
Here on this troubled earth
It's an invitation wherein is found
New life and a new birth
Will we choose Jesus and His gift of love?
Our hope when life grows dim
For there is no grace that can replace
The life we find in Him

Yes, we are choosing even in our refusing
And in our dying breath
We'll hear the voice of our choice
Eternal life or death

July 27 2009
By Janet Martin
All Rights Reserved

If anyone’s name was not found written in the Book of Life, he was thrown into the lake of fire. Rev.20:15

It's Never Goodbye

I want to hold you a little longer
Selfishly ask, 'Lord wait til I'm stronger'
He whispers to me as I start to cry
With all of my children it's never goodbye

Wherever you are I will draw you near
As a Father who gathers His children dear
Your tears will bring healing so go ahead, cry
But always remember it is never goodbye

My arms will reach out to wherever you are
In My arms there is no near or far
And hearts will unite in an invisible touch
As you reach out in prayer I will draw you close

So it's 'see you later' but it's never goodbye
I, your Creator, your tears soon will dry
Here in My arms I will draw you near
As you faithfully pray for each other here

July 26 2009
All Rights Reserved
Never will I leave you..
Never will I forsake you. Heb.13:5

To J&B K.....When I see a rainbow
I'll think of you
Sign of God's promises
Lasting and true.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Holding Back

I’ve seen the way you look at me
A momentary glance
I’ve seen you give your dues to me
A sentimental dance
A tender little moment
A waltz across the room
A rose plucked from your garden
A whisper in the gloom
As I gaze down from Heaven
To view your winding track
I see what you have given
And what you’re holding back

I was there to hear your vows
Lord be my All in all
But does it seem like too much now
To trust me if you fall?
Won’t you stay here willingly?
Within My loving arms
Instead of gazing longingly
At artificial charms
My love is simply ‘Heaven’
The All in all you lack
Child I see what you have given
Why are you holding back?

I’ll give you the joy of a lifetime
Holy intimacy
If you fully place your hand in Mine
Wholly trusting me
I’ll give you a whole garden
Not just a single bloom
For when I signed your pardon
I saved you from your doom
I gave you My All in all
Holding nothing back
Will you give Me your all in all?
Trust me for all you lack

July 24, 2009
All Rights reserved
Love the Lord your God with ALL your heart and with ALL your soul and with ALL your mind. This is the first and GREATEST commandment. Matt 22:37-38

Friday, July 24, 2009

Blow Out Your Candles

Let the songbird be silent; let the breeze die away,
Let the lamb in the meadow and the child cease its play,
Let each stars in the heavens fade into the deep,
For beyond their great number are the tears that we weep

Lay down your timbrel, your harp and your lyre
For there is no music in this midnight hour,
Take away all your lilies; let the feasting be done,
Let your smiles turn to sorrow as our tears flow as one

For there is no comfort in this hour of grief,
In our endless weeping there is no relief,
Blow out all your candles for they won’t light the way
As another lost soul will meet Jesus today

No More Need

No more need of goats and bulls,
Set the masses free,
No need for blood of animals,
There nevermore will be,
Oh, look upon that perfect Lamb,
A final sacrifice,
For all the blood of goat or ram
Could never pay sin’s price

It is finished, it is done,
His mission is complete,
Look upon God’s only Son
With bleeding hands and feet,
Break your altars, burn them down,
Your offerings you won’t need,
See the brow with thorny crown
On roughened timber bleed

Open up the pasture gates
And let the bullock roam,
The perfect Lamb in Heaven waits
To draw each sinner home,
So look upon the empty cross,
Behold the barren grave,
No more need for sacrifice
For only He can save

By Janet Martin All Rights Reserved

Authenticity 07/21/09

I s His love within me real
Or just something that I feel?
A sweet and stirring emotion
Is He my inner Source
My single driving force
My Captain on life’s vast ocean?

Does His great love inspire
A holy heavenly fire
Smoldering within my breast?
Or is it something nice
That I recall once or twice
Before I lay down to rest?

Does His love make me weep?
Probing into the deep
As I think of His life-blood pouring
Or is it just a thing
I occasionally bring
In some tender moment before Him?

Does His love in me complete
Every pulse and each heart-beat
And every breath that I inhale?
Is my love genuine?
Am I a branch on His vine?
If He tried it, would I fail?

Janet Martin All Rights Reserved

A Good One

I hope this day is a good one for you
This gift from The Hand above
I hope it’s a day where your dreams come true
The dreams grounded in His love
I hope you see sunshine glance off the clouds
Glazing its fringe with gold
And you hear Him whisper in life’s noisy crowd
Here is my Hand to hold

I hope it’s a day where your eyes may see
His glorious wonders abound
His grace showering down on humanity
Where His greatest wonder is found
Touching the heart with His infinite love
What greater gift can there be?
Than knowing our Heavenly Father above
Watches over you and me

I hope you see Him in the lilies that bloom
Colors so wondrously fair
Or if you are caught in a valley of gloom
I hope you can see Him there
I hope you grasp the Hand of creation
Resting in promises true
This is my wish and His invitation
I hope it’s a good day for you

Janet Martin All Rights Reserved

July 21 2009

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Third Day

If You had missed the third day
There’d be no dry land or seas
No lovely weeping willow
Swaying gently in the breeze
No carpet lush with clover
No scent of up-turned sod
No thousand, thousand colored blooms
Designed by our Great God

If You had missed the third day
There’d be no meadows sweet
No trees, no grass or autumn hills
No calm woodland retreat
The lupine, rose and daisy
Never would exist
If You for unknown reasons
The third day would have missed

If You had missed the third day
Deaths seal would not be broken
The message of the prophets
Should have remained unspoken
There would be no assurance
In obeying Your command
No desire to bow beneath
The scepter in Your hand

If You had missed the third day
There would be no victory
No glory in the power
Of the Holy Trinity
If You had missed the third day
What dismal, hopeless gloom
If You had missed the third day
Never rising from Your tomb

But there was a third day
For such a worm as I
Jesus rose the third day
So I will never die
I bow on tender grasses
And hug Your meadows sweet
Thank-you for the third day
To make Your love complete

By Janet Martin All Rights reserved

Perfect World

If we lived in a perfect world we'd all love one another
There'd be no animosity betwixt any brother
And everyone would choose their love, forever love their choice
We would all be gentle and would never raise our voice

We would not misunderstand anothers good intention
And of their grandest failures we would never once make mention
We'd bear each others burdens gladly walk the second mile
And at the cruelest insult we would just forgive and smile

Every lost and homeless soul would have a place to sleep
And mothers for their prodigals would never need to weep
There'd be a loving family for every boy and girl
Their innocence protected if this was a perfect world

But it’s a world of sin and shame, a planet sadly marred
Failure, sorrow, fear and pain can leave us badly scarred
Yet in the power of the Cross lies hopes most precious pearl
Salvation that will carry us to Heavens perfect world

Janet Martin All Rights Reserved

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mercy's Gift July 15 2009

I gave You my sin, a pathetic heap
I knew You would look at it and weep
I wanted to run to hide in the ground
Where I hoped that I would never be found
But Adam and Eve you found midst the leaves
For You are omnipotent no one deceives
The One who created all things into being
You are all-knowing and You are all seeing
So trembling and shaking I laid at Your feet
My bundle of misery in shame and defeat
I did not dare to raise my head
As I thought of Your love and the blood You shed

I knew I deserved Your righteous wrath
As You viewed the footsteps that strayed from Your path
So weeping I waited to receive my fate
How could You look on me on the sin that You hate
Then through my loud wailing You whispered to me
My love is unfailing lift your head and see
….my moment had come yes surely my doom
Lay open to swallow me up in deaths gloom
But there in His stillness I lifted my head
Whilst trembling and shaking with fear and dread
I looked up….and I stood there speechless amazed
As into the fullness of Your love I gazed….

Crimson and gold lay the western sky
Earths violin playing Gods lullaby
Melting Your glory over valley and hill
As Your work lay subdued neath Your perfect will
The streams in their fullness shout Your joy
The majestic wave its song employs
The rippling field with grain bends low
And even the delicate flowers know
That earth and Heaven shout Your praise
I bow in awe beneath Your gaze
Your glory for my sinful heap
With joy I shout with joy I leap

All Rights Reserved

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Looking For Love July 15 2009

She hides in the closet and covers her ears
The darkness her solace to hide all the tears
While Mommy and Daddy are fighting and yelling
When can she be happy; there’s really no telling?
As she whispers to no one and cries to the walls
“I just need someone to love me, that’s all”
In that dank little corner, the darkness her cover
She can’t help but wonder. Will anyone love her?
And she cries…..looking for love

With sad eyes she searches through the smoke and the gloom
A drunken hero lurches across the bar-room
Is he coming to see her, to tell her she’s sweet?
Maybe he will take her to a room down the street
In the arms of a stranger, the darkness her cover
She’ll risk all the danger; she needs someone to love her
She cries as she’s thinking and hating her deed
She weeps as she’s drinking and drowning her need
And she cries…..looking for love

She panics in fear for soon she will show
And people will sneer for her deed they will know
She weeps for the sorrow that grows in her womb
No hope for tomorrow, how loveless her doom
So she looks for an answer then heeds cold advice
That snuffs out the heart-beat with fingers of ice
She lies in a puddle of hatred and grief
Recalls how she’d huddle in the dark for relief
And she cries…..looking for love

Someone is standing in the door of a chapel
She sees they are handing out shiny red apples
Her deep inner hunger is a cold raging fire
She can wait no longer for her life-time desire
She’s drawn to the door by this kind-hearted smile
But she’s reaching for more than the fruit on a pile
As she gazes in longing at the warm, tender face
Her search for belonging accepts love’s embrace
And she cries….looking for love

And now there is peace, there’s a light in her gloom
A sweet, sweet release from her valley of doom
Some one has told her of a great God above
How He longs to hold her in His arms of love
Now she has a Father, a Savior and friend
Her searching is over as joyful tears blend
With tears of great sorrow for days of deep loss
But there’s hope for tomorrow at Calvary’s cross
And she smiles……for she has found love

By Janet Martin- May 2009
All rights Reserved