Friday, July 24, 2009

Authenticity 07/21/09

I s His love within me real
Or just something that I feel?
A sweet and stirring emotion
Is He my inner Source
My single driving force
My Captain on life’s vast ocean?

Does His great love inspire
A holy heavenly fire
Smoldering within my breast?
Or is it something nice
That I recall once or twice
Before I lay down to rest?

Does His love make me weep?
Probing into the deep
As I think of His life-blood pouring
Or is it just a thing
I occasionally bring
In some tender moment before Him?

Does His love in me complete
Every pulse and each heart-beat
And every breath that I inhale?
Is my love genuine?
Am I a branch on His vine?
If He tried it, would I fail?

Janet Martin All Rights Reserved

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