Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Perfect World

If we lived in a perfect world we'd all love one another
There'd be no animosity betwixt any brother
And everyone would choose their love, forever love their choice
We would all be gentle and would never raise our voice

We would not misunderstand anothers good intention
And of their grandest failures we would never once make mention
We'd bear each others burdens gladly walk the second mile
And at the cruelest insult we would just forgive and smile

Every lost and homeless soul would have a place to sleep
And mothers for their prodigals would never need to weep
There'd be a loving family for every boy and girl
Their innocence protected if this was a perfect world

But it’s a world of sin and shame, a planet sadly marred
Failure, sorrow, fear and pain can leave us badly scarred
Yet in the power of the Cross lies hopes most precious pearl
Salvation that will carry us to Heavens perfect world

Janet Martin All Rights Reserved

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