Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mercy's Gift July 15 2009

I gave You my sin, a pathetic heap
I knew You would look at it and weep
I wanted to run to hide in the ground
Where I hoped that I would never be found
But Adam and Eve you found midst the leaves
For You are omnipotent no one deceives
The One who created all things into being
You are all-knowing and You are all seeing
So trembling and shaking I laid at Your feet
My bundle of misery in shame and defeat
I did not dare to raise my head
As I thought of Your love and the blood You shed

I knew I deserved Your righteous wrath
As You viewed the footsteps that strayed from Your path
So weeping I waited to receive my fate
How could You look on me on the sin that You hate
Then through my loud wailing You whispered to me
My love is unfailing lift your head and see
….my moment had come yes surely my doom
Lay open to swallow me up in deaths gloom
But there in His stillness I lifted my head
Whilst trembling and shaking with fear and dread
I looked up….and I stood there speechless amazed
As into the fullness of Your love I gazed….

Crimson and gold lay the western sky
Earths violin playing Gods lullaby
Melting Your glory over valley and hill
As Your work lay subdued neath Your perfect will
The streams in their fullness shout Your joy
The majestic wave its song employs
The rippling field with grain bends low
And even the delicate flowers know
That earth and Heaven shout Your praise
I bow in awe beneath Your gaze
Your glory for my sinful heap
With joy I shout with joy I leap

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