Thursday, March 3, 2011


Why do we look to the things of this world
To find hope for our misery?
There is a banner of love unfurled
If we open our eyes to see
Why do we give an exchange for our soul
The pleasures of life’s fleeting things?
There is a love that will make us whole
Beyond all that this short life brings

Why do we dig through the spoil and the rust
To find us a treasure to hold?
When there is a love in which we can trust
With value beyond temporal gold
Why do we seek for comfort and joy
On fields dark with sin and grief
Ruled by one who roams to destroy
And blinds us in unbelief?

Why, oh why do we cast aside
The Hand that held the nail?
As for all humanity He died
With a love that will never fail
Why do choose in His holy place
The offerings of sin and lust
Turning away from His saving grace
Trading Him for a mound of dust


For where your treasure is
There will your heart be also. Matt.6:21

For what is a man profited if he
Shall gain the whole world
And lose his own soul,
Or what shall a man give
In exchange for his soul?


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