Monday, October 25, 2010

To Know........

……to know that He is watching us
In every step we take
To know we can’t escape His love………….
What difference does it make?
To know he paints the landscape
And the sky in glorious hue
To know the object of our faith
Dwells within me and you
To know He calls us each by name
Heirs and joined-heirs with Him
And someday at His side we’ll reign
In an eternal Kingdom
To know His mercies never fail
His spoken word is true
And if we trust His perfect will
His peace will fill us too
To know that He is great and good
And all His ways are just
Do we do the things we should?
And do we simply trust?
……to know He holds us in His hands
And will not let us go
When we do not understand
The sorrow here below……..
……… know He came to earth to die
To pay sins awful debt
And in this gift for you and I
Our every need is met…
…………to know He gave His perfect life
In love, for our sake
To know this…….as we live today
What difference does it make?

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

…hopefully it makes

The Spirit himself testifies with our spirit
That we are Gods’ children.
Now if we are children then we are heirs
And co-heirs with Christ
If indeed we share in His sufferings in order
That we may also share in His glory. Rom.8:17

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