Saturday, October 9, 2010

His Love Never Fails

In a world where words are easily spoken
Where trust and promises are callously broken
We have a sacred invisible token
Of a love that will never fail
In a world where love is oft misunderstood
And we wonder if all things work together for good
We have an assurance of the power in His blood
And His love will never fail

He is not just a fair-weather friend
His love knows no beginning or end
His love sustains through our disappointment
For His love never fails
In this world of sorrow and pain
Of loneliness and hunger, shadows and rain
His love abides and will forever remain
For His love never fails

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

In Canada we are celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend.
Above all my countless blessings are His love and grace!!!
Without His love that never fails all else is meaningless.

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