Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Every now and then perhaps
We’re tempted to compare….
And wonder why it is that some
Have heavier loads to bear
We look upon what eye can see
And count their list of woes
Forgetting those who bear the hurts
That nobody else knows

Or we may look at those who seem
To live on easy street
Their life appears a happy dream
And everything is sweet
But we don’t see behind the walls
Can’t count their gain or loss
And who are we to then declare
Who bears the greatest cross?

Every now and then perhaps
We’re tempted to despair
We may even dare to say
That life just isn’t fair
But there is One who knows the truth
He sees each hurt and loss
And He will help each one of us
To carry our own cross

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

He that takes not his cross
And follows after me is not worthy of me. Matt.10:38

1 comment:

tea said...

These are such true thoughts. A good reminder and encouragement.
Thanks Janet.