Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Hope

In the quiet little moments of the morning
Before the busy bustle of the day
In the soft and golden whispers of the dawning
Breaking through the fields of deep blue-gray
As life’s constant care seems to remind me
Just how high the hill will be and steep
Suddenly I hear a Voice somewhere inside me
He whispers precious words that I can keep

Lo, I am with you forever
Wherever the road may go
I am with you on the hilltop
And in the valley low
I will never leave or forsake you
There’s nothing that I cannot see
In my loving arms I will keep you
From now through eternity

And suddenly the hill I was dreading
Seems possible in His tender grip
For I can trust His faithful leading
To guide me if my own footsteps slip
There’s not much in this world we can lean on
That will stand the true test of time
But One; so I cry out, “oh, God lead on”
And in this hope He helps me climb

I will never leave or forsake you
Ah surely this must be all we need
Wherever this life may take you
We can trust Him to take the lead
For all in this life we are given
To see if our love is true
And each step leads us closer to Heaven
The Hope when this short life is through

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Keep your lives free from the love of money
and be content with what you have
because God has said,
I will never leave you,
I will never forsake you. Heb.13:5

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