Sunday, October 24, 2010


How did it feel oh God
On that first night and day
How did it feel as spoken thought
Drove the darkness away?
How did it feel to separate
The earth and sky above
The seed of a universe so great…….
He said, it felt like ……..

And how did it feel oh God, to see
The hills and trees and flowers
Your wondrous perfection breathed
Upon this world’s first hours
As You viewed this galaxy
From higher thrones above
How did it feel Your words to see?
He said, it felt like……….

And how did it feel oh God, to take
The dust of this new span
And in Your greatest mystery make
The image of a man
How did it feel to breathe in Him
Your breath and see him move
Among the Garden of Eden
He said, it felt like………..

How did it feel oh God, to drive
Man from this paradise
And know that hope for man to live
Must now need sacrifice
How did it feel to know the hour
Must come when You will prove
The magnitude of Your great power
He said, it felt like………

How did it feel to put on flesh
In fashion of a man
As heavens sacred righteousness
Came to fulfill hope’s plan
How did it feel, rejection, hate
The nails that cruel hands drove
Into the palms of One so great
He said, it felt like…….

And as you broke the seal of death
And as you tore the veil
And brought hope to a curs-ed earth
Oh God, how did it feel?
As You broke the chains of sin
And as You made a way
For mankind to be clean within
And dwell with You some day
And as you see the trusting soul
In true repentance bow
Giving You his life’s control
Cleansed in redemption’s flow
How does it feel, oh God to look
On us from up above
Knowing the sacrifice it took
He said, it feels like…….

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

How great is the love the
Father has lavished on us
That we should be called
Children of God. 1 John 3:1

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