Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Of Love and Home......

In the arms of love and home
Here the smiles and teardrops flow
Here at last we all may come
To rest upon its hearth’s soft glow
When we tire of the storm
When life’s tempest’s ebb and flow
Love is tender, true and warm
In the arms of love and home

Sorrow too must have its day
Just as laughter, smile and song
Out across the deep dark quay
Lies the ending of the storm
While the world is cruel and cold
Gladly, thankfully we come
Like a sheep into the fold
To the arms of love and home

Someday in a better place
We will not look back again
As we see the glorious face
Of a Father and a King
God, help us keep this humble hearth
A foretaste of that day to come
When we shall leave this troubled earth
For the Arms of love and home

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Great sorrow touched our hearts recently……..
It causes us to look with fresh eyes
At those we love and take far too for-granted!!!

For who is God save our Lord?
Or who is a rock save our God?
It is God that girds me with strength
And makes my way perfect. Ps. 18:31-32

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