Tuesday, February 15, 2011

No Certainties....but God...part two (Song of Adoration)

Oh God, there’s nothing certain
In this world but You
Your Word, your love, Your promises
Are faithful, changeless, true
The things of this existence
Will vanish in a breath
And nothing here will save us
As we close our eyes in death

Oh God, why do we gather
Vain treasures of this earth
Fire, wind and water
Can strip them from our girth
And should we choose to squander
The blessing of this land
Still we cannot wander
Beyond Your gracious hand

Oh God, this world will perish
And all that is therein
So too will all who cherish
The futile spoils of sin
Should fear and doubt molest us
Remind us then, oh Lord
That You do not forget us
This You’ve promised in Your Word


But the Lord is with me
Like a mighty warrior. Jer.20:11

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