Monday, February 7, 2011

For I Am God.......

Nation will rise against nation
Mightiest kingdoms will fall
This is My declaration
For they do not heed My call
The strongest men will crumble
Returning to ashes and dust
Yet My grace is poured out to the humble
And to all who obey and trust

Who else can be likened to Me?
Who can make anything grow?
Can gods formed by hands of a goldsmith
Wash sinners whiter than snow?
Why do you fall to worship
The idols for which you slave?
Or pray to gods of wood and stone
Who have no power to save?

Fear not, My little children
For all that must come to pass
As surely as it is written
These days shall whither as grass
Has ever a God besides me
Profited any man?
The idol formed from the strengthened tree
Is the tree nourished by My hand

For I am God; there’s no other
There is none like me
I am the God of ancient times
And of days that yet will be
Hear ye, oh stubborn nations
What the God of Israel has said,
‘He frustrates the liars tokens
And drives the diviners mad’

I am the Lord, there is none else
There is no god besides me
I form the light and the darkness
Instruct the wind and the sea
My hand stretches over the heavens
What I purpose will be done
For I am the God of Israel
Besides Me there is none


Isaiah Ch. 44-46

Remember the former things of old:
For I am God,
There is none else;
I am God.
There is none like Me. Isa.46:9

I bring near My righteousness;
It shall not be far off and
My salvation shall not tarry:
I will place salvation in Zion
for Israel my glory. Isa.46:13

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Glynis said...

Why can't we get this message through our thick heads? Bless you, Janet, for the passion you have in your writing ministry.