Wednesday, February 16, 2011

His Gift for Us.....

He holds it in waiting for us
A gift; beyond comprehension
Reserved in the hands of Jesus
He does not scream for attention
But patiently watches us scurry
To many a sundry task
Why are we in such a hurry?
When all we need is to ask

He will not just hand it over
How could it be precious then?
This is not some pointless knick-knack
He holds for the sons of men
But held in the hands of Jesus
Is a gift of priceless worth
How He longs to give it to us
This is why He came to earth

Have you touched the hand of Jesus?
Do you know the gift He gives?
Do you try to grasp how He loves us
As you accept this gift of His?
Have you knelt in humble contrition?
And whispered ‘I believe’
As you beheld your hopeless condition
Did you reach out to receive?

He holds in His hand our pardon
For every sin we commit
Yet still so many hearts harden
As they turn their backs on it
The gift of love from a Savior
Paid for in full with His blood
Eternal life for believers
This is the gift from God


For by grace are you saved through faith;
And that not of yourselves;
It is the gift of God. Ephes.2:8

At the beginning of the movie The Life of Emile Zola,
he approaches his friend rather anxiously and humbly,
requesting funds to write a controversial book......
His friend goes to the next room for a moment
returning almost immediately with an envelope
signed, sealed...he hands it over.
It contains a cheque over and above anything
he dared ask for!
"I had it ready for you...."
All he needed to do was ask!!!
Doesn't that remind you of Jesus?
He has His gift ready for us....
All we need to do is ask.
The gift is over and above anything we can ever imagine!!!

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