Thursday, January 6, 2011

This Is Our God.....

He sits enthroned above the earth
Holds in His palm this drop of dirt
He stretches out from sea to sea
The heavens like a canopy
He brings the stars out one by one
And knows not one of them is gone
Lift up your eyes from fields of sod
Look to the skies, THIS IS OUR GOD

He tends His flock, we are His lambs
Tender shepherd, great I Am
He gathers us into His arms
Close to His heart; He leads the young
Who can measure His great hand?
Who His mind, can understand?
Who can hone His chastening rod?
There is none; THIS IS OUR GOD

The gods of earth are formed by man
Gold on gold or silver chain
Carved of wood that will not rot
Idol yes, but God, they’re not
Have you not heard or understood?
A God cannot be made of wood
While unbelievers scorn and laugh
His breath sweeps them away like chaff….

To whom then, can he be compared?
Can anybody teach the Lord?
Who taught Him to understand?
Who can rule above His hand?
He, who brings princes to naught
Can He by anyone be taught?
This world’s kings reign over sod
He is Supreme; THIS IS OUR GOD

Do you not know? Have you not heard?
He is the everlasting Lord
He is the God of all creation
He is the God of our salvation
We cannot fathom or understand
This God of no beginning or end
He exceeds all realm of thought
Look up and see, THIS IS OUR GOD


Isa. 40

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