Friday, January 21, 2011

But Men.....

He stands upon the threshold
Sees the masses rushing by
And tenderly He calls to them
Behold, for it is I
Though here and there a straggling few
May pause to glance His way
They rush to plans long over-due
Caught in life’s numbing sway

Yet from the gleaming portals
Of His kingdom up above
Remains His love immortal
Pleading for the throngs that move
In the grasp of condemnation
To a dark and fearsome sea
Forgetting they are naught but men
Bound for eternity

They care none for the offering
The door that stands so wide
But pass by, jeering, scoffing
At the Hands of He who died
Too blind to see their need for fear
Until cold death; and then
The truth immortal will appear
They’ll see they were but men

He stands upon the threshold
Patiently, and pleading long
Like a Father calls His children
So He beckons to this throng
Here and there a seeker finds Him
Sees beyond lies that deceive
Leaving sins great debt behind him
As he cries, Lord, I believe

He waits upon the threshold
That great door will soon be barred
The Day of Grace will pass away
As Hands patient and scarred
Will reach to earth and claim His own
Safe at last, but then
All will know as He is known
Alas, they were but men…..


Put them in fear, oh Lord;
That the nations may know
Themselves to be but men. Ps.9:20

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