Thursday, January 20, 2011

Such is His Love......

He lay across this barren void
A wondrous galaxy
Of planet, star and asteroid
Of earth and sky and sea
Yet, in spite of all creation
He blew upon the dust
And formed in His own image, man
Such is His love……. for us

To man He gave a garden fair
And every living thing
He released to mankind’s care
Each herb and beast and wing
And as He looked upon the earth
He said ‘it’s good’ because
His hand had placed in all His worth
Such is His love…… for us

He gazed upon the groaning masses
Scarred by sin’s dark seed
As every generation passes
Deeper grows their need
Until Heaven could not contain
His perfect love because
He knew where mankind would remain
Such is His love…..for us

Upon a cold and loveless tree
He gave His only Son
Perfect love for all to see
As He cried, ‘It is done’
Within the power of His blood
We are clean because
He is the spotless Son of God…..
Such is His love……for us

For us……the shells of wretched loss
He gave His very best
Sinless Lamb upon a cross
For our great sinfulness
And now as generations roll
His hope endures because
His blood sanctifies the soul
Such is His love…..for us

For God sent not His Son in to the world
To condemn the world,
But that the world through Him might be saved. John 3:17

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