Sunday, May 1, 2011

He wore Thorns

If I must go a second mile
Of pain and misery
Lord, help me do it with a smile
For You wore thorns for me…

If I must suffer grief and woe
And count all things but loss
Remind me Lord, how long ago
You bled upon a cross

If I must daily die to self
Oh Lord, help me to see
The image of Your perfect Son
Dying on a Tree

If I am pierced with sorrow, Lord
Or treated here with scorn
Remind me of a cruel sword
And how You wore the thorns


Have you ever been pierced by thorns?
While pushing my way through a thicket along the brook one day
I got caught on a thorny vine…
They were tiny thorns but it hurt!
…and He wore thorns for me!

...and they clothed Him in purple
and platted a crown of thorns
and placed it on His head. Mark 15:17

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