Thursday, March 8, 2012

God Forbid...

God forbid that I should worship
Temporal gods of clay and rust
Gathering in my groping visage
Treasure-chests of painted dust

God forbid that I should journey
From the cradle to the grave
Only then to find in horror
They are powerless to save

God forbid that I should hunger
In the wantonness of things
Choosing never to discover
Heaven’s sacred offerings

God forbid, as centuries trickle
Through the clouds above a stone
That I should thus remain forever
Bound by gods without a throne

© Janet Martin


The Happy Amateur said...

I've been to this porch before!

This is a solemn reminder - your poem. Powerful.

And I love the photograph. I've always been drawn to cemeteries. More so - to the neglected, forgotten tombstones. So much to think about there. And the birch trees are so lovely. I miss them so much!

Janet said...

Thank-you Sasha. Yes, I too found I contemplate old forgotten much buried history!