Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Beyond this Battle

Hold our hands, we cannot see
Beyond the steps we take
God, be our steadfast surety
For You make no mistake
And oh, we are so prone to stray
As pastures beckon, come
Be our Captain through the fray
Guide this battalion home

The unknown is a gaping void
Of misery and fear
Hope would swiftly be destroyed
Without Your Presence near
But as we feel Your tender touch
Sustaining faithfully
We do not need to fear so much
The things we cannot see

The fight is not forever Lord
The hour is at hand
When we will leave our temporal swords
In plough-shares made of sand
Oh God, it seems we see You etched
Against the setting sun
Into the trenches, arms out-stretched,
We hear You calling come

…and so we press toward Your arms
The battle is not done
This world with all its empty charms
Is but the stepping-stone
A plot of dirt on which we stand
Reaching in humble trust
To hold Your gracious out-stretched hand
Your glory to our dust…

The victory banner waves on high
Beyond this tear-stained plight
Hold our hands and be our Guide
Within the thickest fight
Through enemy lines we will forge
The battle is not long
Hold our hands and lead us, Lord
Oh, keep your warriors strong

Janet Martin

I saw the movie War Horse last night.
The final scene touched me immensely...
A picture of weary, wounded warriors coming home.

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