Thursday, December 1, 2011

Still We Come

Still we come
Each in our own fashion
To bow before
The Lord of all creation
Still we come
To kneel beside the manger
But to us
Praise God, He is no Stranger
Yet, still we ask
What can we bring that pleases
Such love as this
This One that we call Jesus

Still we come
To marvel at the wonder
Of God’s own Son
As babe within a manger
Still we come
In human imperfection
To bow before
Our Life and Resurrection
Oh lift your voice
This is the King of Glory
Sing and rejoice
This is Love’s perfect story

Still we come
Fraught with sin’s vile diseases
For there is none
That cannot come to Jesus
In wonderment
Drawn by His vast compassion
To love beyond
Man’s earth-dimmed comprehension
Still we come
To bow before our Savior
Man’s common bond
Is Jesus Christ forever

Janet Martin

Side-note chuckle: I had the left-overs of a broken Nativity Set close-by and did not notice until the picture was taken that the two-year-old had moved them all into the stable, thus the reason for two mangers:))

He was the inspiration to the poem as he knelt there and gazed quietly. I wonder what he was thinking...

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