Monday, June 8, 2009

Letting Go

If God gives us love to hold, then we must know,
There is coming a day when we need to let go,
To let go of our children, a husband or wife,
A father or mother or sweet friends in our life
Treasure and cherish them for we all know
There is coming a day when we’ll need to let go

His loving gifts are but treasures to borrow,
For no one but He knows our day of sorrow,
When time will come knocking on our door of woe
And the hour has come for us to let go,
We lay no claim to these earthly flowers,
By His gracious Name these gifts are ours…

…to be blessed with awhile and bless others too,
Until we are called to let them go,
Be it out of our door or out of this world
He owns every man, woman, boy or girl,
And it comforts me, oh it comforts me so
To know that our God will never let go

April 2009 All Rights Reserved

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