Monday, December 19, 2011

The True Light

We behold Him even now

Though we cannot comprehend

The fullness that His love bestowed

As He put on flesh for men

He put on thus, meek flesh for men

This One that Is, before Time was

Conceived, not of the will of them

But by the holy will of God

And by the holy will of God

He brought true light upon the earth

This true Light remains till now

As testament and Living Word

As testament and Living Word

Full of mercy, hope and grace

Moses law had never heard

A proclamation such as this

A proclamation such as this

Power to become His sons

Cleansed from all unrighteousness

Washed in the blood of heaven’s One

Washed in the blood of heaven’s One

His Light remains to lead the way

Word became flesh, God’s only Son

And we still have His Word today

We still have His word today

Darkness still cannot comprehend

But oh, to those who have believed

He dwells within the heart of them


I was reading John 1 this morning.

One of my favorite passages, not only at Christmas

But forever.

He is the True Light.

Friday, December 9, 2011

What Were You Thinking?

What were you thinking
As you lay in that manger
While we crowded ‘round you
Amazed at Your birth?
What were You thinking
As you stepped out of Heaven
Knowing the reason
You were coming to earth?

What were You thinking
As angels were singing
Declaring to all
That a Savior is born?
There in that stable
While the heavens were ringing
What were you thinking
On that first Christmas morn?

Did you think as you lay there
Of a field named Golgotha?
Did you see a cruel cross
On a hill, Calvary?
There in the midst of
The cattle and oxen
What were you thinking
As the star shone brightly?

Ah yes, you were thinking
The thoughts that still held you
As you knelt, praying
In Gethsemane
Lord, you were thinking
Of lost sheep with no Shepherd
You were thinking of us, Lord
You were thinking of me

Janet Martin

She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins." Matt.1:21

Jesus Christ Forever

Soon we shall lay aside this robe
Of weakness, flesh and want
Where all the sorrows of this globe
Cannot torment nor taunt
Then sickness, need and selfish gain
Return, as we, to dirt
With no more tears of grief or pain
To vex, dismay and hurt

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
This is the way of man
Doomed, as convicts to our lust
But for One greater plan
As Love descended from His throne
A babe in Bethlehem
To give His life and to atone
For all the sins of men

No greater gift will ever be
Than that first Christmas Day
When God gave to rebels as we
His precious Son to slay
But as He looked beyond His loss
It satisfied His favor
For He saw victory in the Cross
As Jesus became Savior

Come; gather ‘round this Christmas Day
Join in the celebration
For the Truth, the Life, the Way
Is free to every nation
Lift up your hearts in praise to Him
For none on earth can sever
Us from the Babe in Bethlehem
Jesus Christ forever

Janet Martin

Joy to the world
The Lord is come
Let earth receive her King...

Someday Upon the Open Sky...

Someday upon the open sky
The sun and stars shall dim
As all God’s heavenly angels cry
Behold, behold your King
And from four corners of the earth
Each trembling knee will bend
To see the Child of lowly birth
On Heaven’s throne descend

Dare we to scoff and jeer and scorn
The One laid in a manger
For unto us a Child was born
That day to be our Savior
Someday upon the vaulted cloud
We will look up to see
That this is Jesus Christ the Lord
Love’s sacred Deity

Then the whole earth will turn to weep
At His pure holiness
But this true Shepherd knows His sheep
And they, the Shepherd’s voice
And those who long have waited for
The coming of their King
Will rise to meet their Shepherd Lord
And join the angels hymn

Janet Martin

I'm listening to the Christmas songs while doing housework.
Powerful messages in each one, words of hope and peace and joy and love.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Still We Come

Still we come
Each in our own fashion
To bow before
The Lord of all creation
Still we come
To kneel beside the manger
But to us
Praise God, He is no Stranger
Yet, still we ask
What can we bring that pleases
Such love as this
This One that we call Jesus

Still we come
To marvel at the wonder
Of God’s own Son
As babe within a manger
Still we come
In human imperfection
To bow before
Our Life and Resurrection
Oh lift your voice
This is the King of Glory
Sing and rejoice
This is Love’s perfect story

Still we come
Fraught with sin’s vile diseases
For there is none
That cannot come to Jesus
In wonderment
Drawn by His vast compassion
To love beyond
Man’s earth-dimmed comprehension
Still we come
To bow before our Savior
Man’s common bond
Is Jesus Christ forever

Janet Martin

Side-note chuckle: I had the left-overs of a broken Nativity Set close-by and did not notice until the picture was taken that the two-year-old had moved them all into the stable, thus the reason for two mangers:))

He was the inspiration to the poem as he knelt there and gazed quietly. I wonder what he was thinking...

A Higher Goal

Breath by breath and step by step
Toward a Gate we’re going
How soon night swallows up the day
And death, life’s minute glowing
The remnants of another year
Are slipping into history
And what a-waits beyond this sphere
Is Hope’s beckoning mystery

The pathway to love’s higher goal
Is strewn with tears and groaning
But God, the keeper of our souls
Offer His grace atoning
No plea unheard, no grief unseen
No need escapes his vision
As step by step and breath by breath
He guides us to His kingdom


Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever! Heb. 13:8