Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Perfect Peace

Through the thickest veil of sorrow
Or the deepest gloom of night
In the fear of my tomorrow
Flows a soothing calm delight
It’s a gentle, hovering Presence
Grand and undemanding
A pure and holy essence
That surpasses understanding

In words it cannot be explained
Descending from above
By the world it is disdained
….this pure and holy love
But when my heart is troubled
With life’s sorrows never-ending
His perfect peace is doubled
And surpasses understanding

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace
Whose mind is stayed on Thee. Isa.26:3

And the peace of God which passes all understanding
Shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus….
Phil. 4:7

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

There Is....

There is….
No night darker
No hurt deeper
No sorrow greater
No cross heavier
No agony more profound
No loneliness more intense
No loss bigger
No mountain higher
No valley lower
No burden heavier
No sin vaster
No power stronger
No distance further
No cruelty longer
Than His love


All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

In the world you shall have tribulation:
but be of good cheer,
I have overcome the world. Matt.16:33


When I want to reach out
To touch you and hold you
But you are so far away
When I want to hug you
In your hour of sorrow
All I can do is pray…

And God’s arms will hold you
When I am not able
He knows just what to say
Oh what sweet comfort
To know He can touch you….
…..All I need to do is pray

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

But the Comforter
which is the Holy Ghost
whom the Father will send in my name
He shall teach you all things.....Matt.14:26 is expedient for you that I go away;
for if I go not away the Comforter will not
come unto you;
but if I depart I will send him unto you. Matt.16:7

Do You Remember?

She said, ‘Do you remember?’
With a soft look in her eye
She didn’t think I noticed
The wistful little sigh
I turned to gaze upon her
Beautiful, sixteen
And suddenly I saw the child
That yesterday she’d been

I saw the wild-haired wonder
With no worry in the world
I heard the rippling laughter
Of a care-free little girl
I felt the soft smooth comfort
Of her tender baby-face
Oh darling there are memories
That mere time cannot erase

Time has taken ribbons,
Pretty bows and curls
All the little dresses
Made for precious baby girls
But it will never take away
The memories etched in gold
My dear, do I remember?
In a-thousand thoughts untold

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Monday, June 28, 2010

My Porch

If my porch were judged by the passer-by
There wouldn’t be much to draw the eye
A simple pad of grey cement
But on its arm I’ve been content….

Content to watch a new day rise
As dawn is melting ‘cross the skies
Content to feel the soothing kiss
Of a taunting summer breeze

Content to hear the serenade
Of twilight’s music heaven-made
And if perhaps my heart should pine
I pause upon this porch of mine….

….and there I hear the echoing
Of my laughter way back when
In childhoods evening I would sit
At my granny’s knee a bit

Her gentle tone drifts back to me
A precious, stirring melody
And I know I am very blessed
My porch must surely be the best

For now so suddenly it’s me
With precious darlings at my knee
As I hear their laughter spill
And echo off a distant hill

God, please don’t think me brash or rude
But I am wondering if you could
In my mansion ‘cross the sea
Move my front porch there for me….

For I am sure that I’ve been given
A foretaste or a glimpse of heaven
There’s no place else I’d rather be
Than here, with friends and family

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Jesus Saves

We can listen to a thousand sermons
Hoard books of instruction
Keep a list of goodly deeds we’ve done
That led not to destruction
We can heap the pretty roses
On the cold and lonely graves
But only Jesus gives us life
And only Jesus saves

We can walk a kindly second mile
For reasons right or wrong
In choices we are making
They will keep us weak or strong
We can risk our earthly lives
To stand proudly with the brave
But only Jesus gives us life
And only Jesus saves

There’s just one way to Heaven
For the sinner who believes
When he has been forgiven
And salvation he receives
As our days reach their last number
And our bodies sleep in graves
Through Him is life forever
For only Jesus saves

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Jesus said to him,
"I am the Way, the Truth and the Life;
no man comes to the Father, but by Me. John 14:6

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Some Days It Rains.....

In spite of a prayer for sunshine
Or for relief from our pain
Sometimes we still bear hurting
And some days it still rains….

His way is higher than our way
He sees the end of all things
We simply see the moment
That we are living in

Lord, help me to trust Your wisdom
Then I shall not hope in vain
You see beyond my window
Even when it rains

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

For My thoughts are not your thoughts;
neither are your ways My ways, saith the Lord.
For as the heavens are higher than the earth
so are My ways higher than your ways
and my thoughts than your thoughts. Isa. 55:8-9

Highlight of a Boy's Day

He doesn’t care whether you’re rich or poor
Or somewhere in between
Whether your pick-up is old or new
Whether it’s dirty or clean
And he doesn’t stop to think about
How you earn your pay
There’s just one question on his mind
When will Daddy be home today?

Whether you sit in a corporate tower
Rolling in six-figure pay
Or whether you work for mere dollars an hour
To him are shadows of grey
But as they afternoon hours tick by
And daylight begins to wane
You can hear him asking with a spark in his eye
Will Daddy be home soon again?

He has some very important matters
That he would like to discuss
Such as ‘dad, I think we need a dog’
And maybe a new toy truck
Do you like the tower I built in the sand?
Do you have time to play?
In my mind I hear that echo again
When will Daddy be home today?

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


You take these stammering words of mine
My humble broken cries
To work a miracle divine
Before my doubting eyes
When I am up against a wall
You open up a door
And in the wonder of it all
I trust a little more……

When I retreat to doubts and fears
Forgetting what You’ve done…..
…..Your faithfulness throughout the years
…….The gift wrought through Your Son
Lord, you don’t give up on me
Or turn away Your face
But gently, softly, patiently
My fears and doubts erase

You take these fumbling wretched hands
And use them to Your glory
I still would heed sin's vain demands
But for a wondrous story
A story that sets sinners free
To live in victory
The story of a blood-stained tree
And One who died for me

You take these stammering mumbling words
The offering of my love
And promise me, though undeserved
A mansion up above
And as another miracle
Unfolds upon the earth
You take this broken vessel, Lord
And fill it with Your worth

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

In My Father's house are many mansions;
If it were not so I would have told you.
I go to prepare a place for you;
and if I go to prepare a place for you
I will come again, and receive you unto Myself,
that where I am there you may be also!!!! John 14:2-3

Monday, June 21, 2010

It's So Much Better.....

It’s a world full of heart-ache and sorrow
Disappointments yes, I’ve known a few
But still I have hope for tomorrow
It’s so much brighter with You

There’s work never-ending, that’s certain
And I get discouraged, it’s true
But I know as night draws its curtain
It’s so much better with You

You know when we’re tired and weary
There’s nothing that’s hid from Your view
You know the weight that we carry
And it’s so much lighter with You

One day at a time You’re bestowing
Enough strength and grace to get through
I can’t imagine not knowing
It’s so much better with You

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Sometimes when I jot down everything
I would like to get done in the week I'm in,
it can be over-whelming......
then I remember ....God gives us just enough strength
to live one day at a time!!!!!

I never want to forget that!!


We cannot purchase the light of the moon
Shimmering on the night deep
We cannot purchase the voice or the tune
That asks ‘mommy, are you asleep?”
No money or gold can purchase the joy
Settling into the heart
As we gaze at the face of a wee girl or boy
That is asking, ‘When does daytime start?”

Money can buy us a plethora of things
Beauty to appease our gaze
But eventually the fleeting charm that it brings
Is lost in a weary haze
But never will we tire of the lass or the lad
Who snuggles at dawn in our bed
And tries to stir slumbering mom or dad
To ask, “Is it morning yet?”

We simply may borrow the bud as it bursts
Into a glorious bloom
But we cannot own the things of this earth
Planted in God’s living room
Money will buy endless things man can see
But never the needs of the soul
The best things in life, like God’s love, are free
And the best things in life make us whole

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Somewhere, faintly through a haze
in my 4:00 p.m. snooze I heard it...
"Mom, are we leaving soon?"
In disappointment I realized my
brief nap was over,
then I pried my eyes open and was greeted by
eager, luminous blue eyes brimming with expectation....

and I couldn't help but think....
the best things in life are free!!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Too Little We Tell You

Too little we tell you how much we love you,
Too little we think of the price that you pay,
With your hands while hard you are working,
With your heart while often you pray,
Too little we thank our Maker
For the wisdom He truly had,
To put at the head of our family
A loving and God-fearing dad

Too little we pray for the family
Whose dad is a foolish lout,
Too little we give to the children
Who have to do without,
Without the deep assurance
Of a father’s love unending
Or kind words and guidance
For those hearts that so need mending

Too little we simply say thank-you
To the father ever faithful,
The one who weathers life’s rough storm
And remains still humbly thankful,
Too little we pray for all fathers
Striving to please their Father,
Too little we appreciate their sacrifice
Or the wisdom that they gather

Lord, make us truly thankful
For one of life’s richest blessings,
For fathers are such wonderful people
And oft we are left confessing
That we think too little of fathers
For somehow they just seem to be there,
Lord, I pray a special blessing
On fathers everywhere

Unsung Hero

Before the sun has splashed its yellow wash across the land
He dons his hat and work-boots, and with hot coffee in his hand
He’s off to earn the living for the ones who count on him
And we won’t see his glad return until the day is dim…
Do we thank him?

He’s weary as he as he thinks about the busy day it’s been
Working for a dollar that is gone before it’s seen
Home to do the chores at hand that never seem to end
No time to do the things he’s planned with a free hour to spend
Do we thank him?

We take him so for granted; what he does for us each day
Even when he’s tired, he still takes the time to play
And even when he’s worried still for us he’ll wear a smile
And get up every morning to walk duty’s endless mile…
Do we thank him?

I think that he may be the greatest hero of our land
Do we ask God to bless him for the labor of his hand?
Do we tell him that we love him and we’re glad for all he’s done?
Does he know when he comes home at night that he is number one?
Do we thank him?

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Thank-you!!!!! to all you dads
and God bless you!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Wonder of it All

May the wonder of Your love never leave me
But dwell in me like every brand new dawn
Awe-struck by Your mercy and compassion
Which daily I can ever lean upon
This world may boast of wealth that You have given
But there is no one who can boast of power
Grand enough to get themselves to heaven
When they have reached their final earthly hour

Only You can open up the doorway
Leading to that home beyond the sun
Not by gold or silver can we purchase
A passage; not by works which we have done
Only by believing in Your offering
The life You freely gave at Calvary
Only through the blood of You, Lord Jesus
Can we inherit life eternally

Oh, may this glorious wonder never leave me
May its joy live ever in my soul
Though many times I know dear Lord, I grieve thee
At Your mercy-seat I am made whole
Lord, may this wonder never lose its passion
Until I bow before Your great white throne
And know the only reason I am with You
Is by the saving blood of Your dear Son

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

For by grace are ye saved through faith;
and that not of yourselves;
it is the gift of God;
Not of works lest any man should boast. Eph.2:8-9

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

You Took......

So many times I praise you Lord
For all the gifts You’ve given
You’ve been worshiped and adored
As Your love flows down from Heaven
To try and pen Your gifts of love
Is an impossibility
From depths beneath to heights above
From sea to shining sea
The earth and its fullness thereof
Speaks of Your gifts to me
So many times I’m speechless Lord
Your blessing flows around me
Faint glimpses of a rich reward
You promised when You found me
Today I stand in awe, forgiven
Today my eyes awaken
Not to see what You have given
But what You have taken
I would have no home in Heaven
No beauty here to see
If one day You had not given
Your perfect life for me
If You had never left Your glory
Descended to this earth
To write the only true love story
So man could gain new birth
If You had never spread Your arms
Upon a cruel tree
This world with all its wicked charms
Could hold no hope for me
You took my sin, You took my guilt
You took my penalty
For me Your holy blood was spilt
As You took the stripes for me
You took away my deep sin-stains
And set the captive free
Now I can see what You have given
Because of what You took from me

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin


Many a month may boast its fare
And flaunt their robes of splendor
But I have yet to wander where
There is a robe more tender
Than June with coat of evergreen
In vivid shade or lazy
From woodland haunts of emerald sheen
To fields of dew and daisy

The rolling hills in splendor reign
Above lush dell and hollow
I hear their whispers soft and green
They taunt with trails to follow
Into the thick dense underbrush
Of cool green shadows sighing
I long to feel the languid hush
Of willow-branches crying

Winter, take your dazzling white
Autumn take your glory
Those crimson hillsides flaming bright
Today, do nothing for me
Today I’ll rest in summer’s arms
Of June’s resplendent treasure
Glorious green in countless forms
Flowing without measure

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Sometimes I think the month of June
Should be called the month of ‘green’….
Esp. a year such as this
when we have seen a lot of rain…like today

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


What power lies within the gaze
Of azure summer sky
What purity, a warm blue blaze
To draw the longing eye
From soft green fields of budding chance
To footprints in the dust
You tease the dreamer’s roving glance
With restless wanderlust

What taunting urges you bequeath
What envy you evoke
What mysteries you hide beneath
Your ever-changing cloak
But duty binds me to the soil
Where hope and harvest sings
I am a glad slave to my toil…
Besides, I have no wings

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Last night as I worked in my garden
the sky kept distracting me......
Truly an EVER-changing canvas!!!!!

When I consider the heavens, the work
of Thy fingers,......
What is man that you are mindful of him? Ps.8:3

He Is......

There’s as much of God in a gentle shower
Or the ripple of a drop in the lake
As there is in commanding waves which tower
And crash as the elements quake
As mighty is He is the evening breeze
As in the eye of a hurricane
High on a cloud or low on our knees
He is forever the same

As present is God on the top of a mountain
As He is in the deepest dell
As near when His love flows forth like a fountain
Or surges with the fury of hell
He is as close in the hour of laughter
As He is in the valley of fear
In our moment of need, before it and after
In our smile just as in our tear

There’s as much of God in the quiet sunshine
As there is when the thunder rolls
Never more or less, His power divine
Ordains, designs, controls
There’s as much of God in my faltering stumble
As there is when I’m standing tall
When prayers are answered or when my dreams crumble
He is there, our all in all

Yesterday, today and tomorrow
He is forever the same
Unaltered His love,in our joy and our sorrow
Immutable is His mighty Name
God of the past and the God of all ages
In creatures both great and small
For ever and ever, Almighty and changeless
God of our all in all

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Jesus Christ the same,
yesterday, today and forever...Heb.13:8

Morning Song of Love....

Oh the breeze is like a blanket rippling softly from the skies
Heavens laughter scented with bright blooms and butterflies
I think that I can hear the song of summer on its wing
The glorious melody of heaven’s love in everything
The emerald garden glitters with a diamond-jeweled glaze
The morning song-bird twitters and the eastern sky’s a-blaze
With dawning’s brilliant master-piece, for everyone to see
That His compassions never cease and His great love is free
Evening creatures disappear into the underbrush
I feel heaven drawing near within the morning hush
In arms of tender daylight mercy hovers like a dove
Wrapping me in soft delight and perfect, holy love

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Monday, June 14, 2010

With Me....

I was sitting on my front porch
thinking about you
not aware that you were
close to me.
Thinking and dreaming ,
acting and living all the time.
Now I know that
your with me
like the sun stay’s in the sky
you’re with me
sweet by and by.
You’re with me
I can’t stop believing
your every thing to me
and all I want to be .
You’re with me.
All these people that don’t know you
trying to help people understand.
Thinking and dreaming
acting and living all the time.
Then I know that
your with me
like the sun stay’s in the sky
your with me
sweet by and by.
You’re with me
I can’t stop believing
your everything to me
and all I want to be
your with me your with me
your with me.

By: Victoria Martin 9 yrs.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Did You?

Do you feel a sudden softening
Of the pain within your heart
Did the lure of this world’s offering
Like a morning mist, depart?
Do the miles that stretch before you
Suddenly not seem so long
In your heart, instead of sighing
Do you hear a tender song?
Do you sense new hope and healing
In your burden of regret?
In the peace that you are feeling
Does it help you to forget
The dark hour of tears and sadness
When you tread a lonely mile
Do you feel a new-born gladness
Are your lips brushed with a smile?
Do you see, instead of sorrow
All the blessings that you hold?
Are the worries of tomorrow
Melting in a glow of gold
Do you feel warm arms around you
Oh my dear, I trust you do
Do you feel a love surround you?
Did you feel my prayer for you?

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

I wondered, as I prayed this morning
for people in my life, did you feel it?

Faithful Shepherd

In the ever-changing landscape
Of my seasons ‘neath the sun
In the battle of the journey
And the miles that I have run
I’ve made many foolish choices
And too often I decline
The offer of a perfect Hand
To hold this Hand of mine

As I look back on my foot-prints
Through the highs and lows of time
And I see their weaving patterns
On the hills that I have climbed
I am humbled by Your patience
For You never leave my side
Faithful Shepherd watching o’er me
When I’m blinded by my pride

The sheep will know the Shepherd
And the comfort of his tone
For His beloved flock is never
On a mountain all alone
In the ever-changing landscape
One sweet comfort doth abide
The presence of a Shepherd
Who will never leave our side

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

I am the Good Shepherd, and
know my sheep and am
known of mine. John 10:11

Saturday, June 12, 2010

To Touch the Ties.........

Sudden sharp in-take of breath
Pang so bitter-sweet
Remembering the trembling earth
The heart that skips a beat
Quenching every urge to turn
And re-trace every mile
But there is none that can return
To yesterday’s fair smile

Hold your loved ones while you may
Tomorrow holds no promise
Do not wait lest in dismay
We see them slipping from us
Love with everything you’ve got
Clasp your dear ones near you
How sad to love them in your thought
But never let them hear you

Tell them, tell them while you can
Our dearest earthly treasure
Is simply love for fellow-man
Given without measure
Tomorrow is a vast abyss
With yesterday behind us
Today is all the time there is
To touch the ties that bind us

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Friday, June 11, 2010

Home Is......

Home is where you come to rest
A shelter from the storm
Home is like a little nest
Safe, secure and warm
Home is where you say ‘at last’
You’re through with this and that
Your goal when workin’ day is past
And where you hang your hat……

Home is where your heart is light
And pleasant laughter rings
A haven of simple delight
Where beggars can be kings
Where children run like tumble weeds
Upon familiar grass
And memories, the fruit of seeds
Abounding as they pass

Home is where we love and trust
A place to be together
A humble palace in the dust
Unhindered by the weather
Home is where you eat your meals
And where you feed your cat
Where you find how belonging feels
And where you hang your hat

Oh yes we’re sure of that
It’s where you hang your hat!!!!

.......or fling it, or perch it or park it
or set it or toss it...........

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin


Forced-casual,yet purposeful stride
She 'strolls' toward me,sweet and bright-eyed
Friday night with the week-end in view
Grand delight, another school-week through
Calm and collected, smooth as butter
Carefully rehearsed, the speech she would utter
I smile as I ask her, “What is it honey?”
She smiles in return and says, “I need money”

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Yes indeed!!!
I have come to recognize certain 'walks'

She had no idea as she 'strolled' to where
I was mowing the lawn tonight, that I was laughing
inside because I recognized 'the walk':):):)


Bitter- the tears of anguish she wept
Darker- the secret pain she kept
Deep- the sorrows of her past
Hopeless- its lengthened shadow cast
Dull- is the gleam in her down-cast eyes
Gone- is the dream of youthful sighs
Empty- the coffer of second chance
Silent- the feet that used to dance….before Jesus

Sweet- was the Voice that softly spoke
Brilliant- the glory that through darkness broke
Vast- was the mercy that reached her soul
Hope- to make a broken life whole
Bright- is the gleam in her up-lifted face
Restoring- a dream with forgiveness and grace
Full- is her cup of joy, over-flowing
Complete in the love that He is bestowing…..with Jesus

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

And He said unto her,
"Thy sins are forgiven". Luke 7:48

Come, Rest Awhile

“Come, rest awhile with Me,” He said
Wearily I shook my head
There isn’t any time for rest
Or the reprieve that You suggest
There’s more work than what can be done
Before I view the setting sun
And someday I will rest with You
When there’s not so much work to do…..

“My yoke is easy, I am near”
He softly pleaded in my ear
“My pastures green, the waters still
If You can trust My perfect will”
But blindly , deafly still I clung
To all the duties to be done
“There isn’t any time” I said
As bitterly I shook my head

“Come, rest awhile with Me,” He said
As I was climbing into bed
“I long to fill you with My peace
Abiding hope that will not cease”
I thought about my work undone
Though I had toiled past setting sun
Never a moment had I to spare
For Him, beneath my load of care

“Come rest awhile with me” He pleaded
Could it be He has what I’ve needed
If I should tarry for an hour
Would He sustain Me with His power?
Would He fill My emptiness
With His pure holy tenderness
I thought of all my work undone
And softly whispered, “Lord, I come”

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

He that sows to the flesh
Shall of the flesh reap corruption,
But he that sows to the Spirit
Shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting. Gal.6:8

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Does it seem some days the hill you climb
Gets steeper by the mile
And you are longing for a time
When you can rest a while
Are you weary in well-doing
Oh I have good news dear friend
The hill is not forever
And heaven is its end

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

And let us not be weary in well-doing:
for in due season we shall reap if we faint not. Gal.6:9

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I don’t deserve the countless gifts
God showers down on me
Storehouses over flowing
With love abundantly
In tender smiles and soft warm hugs
In sleepy-sighed good-nights
In flowers, showers, lady-bugs
In whispered breaths of light

I don’t deserve the color blue
In endless azure sky
The earth that gleams in emerald hue
To please the longing eye
A-thousand, thousand shades of green
Splashed from a heavenly palette
And I am somewhere in-between
I stand in awe of You, Lord

No man can paint one leaf or flower
Or alter Your great plan
No man can touch Your awesome power
Or have the means to span
The distance between green and blue
And heaven up above
No man can ever replace You
Or Your redeeming love

I don’t deserve Your mercy, Lord
Or treasures of this earth
Nothing I do could once afford
What Your great love is worth
Humbly I bow before Your throne
To count my utter loss
And see the wonder of Your Son
Hanging on the cross

I don’t deserve amazing grace
A love that never dies
But there I see it in Your face
And shining from the skies
As love in all its countless forms
You shower on my way
I don’t deserve a single one
….You bless me anyway

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Have mercy upon me, O God,
according to Thy loving kindness;
according unto the multitude of Thy tender mercies
blot out my transgressions........Ps. 51:1

My Source of Power

Sometimes, although we hate the act
We do it anyhow
Too weak to stand on our own strength
I guess it goes to show
If we rely on human power
We are doomed to fall
God, walk me through my weakest hour
Be my All in all

Forgive me for my foolish stumbles
Victim of my pride
You give grace Lord, to the humble
And for all, You died
Lord be in me, Lord, shine through me
Take away my sin
Mend this broken sinner, Lord
Oh, make me whole again

Sometimes when I can’t feel You, Lord
Or you seem far away
Help me to find my way to You
Teach me how to pray
Through You I can be strong enough
Within my weakest hour
For Your arm is long enough
To be my Source of power

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Why boastest thou thyself in mischief,
O mighty man?
The goodness of the Lord endureth continually. Ps.52:1

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Oh how I’ve loved you my dear oh how
Can it really be eighteen years ago?
That first deep thrill of motherhood
When I knew, yes, this is good
Can it be eighteen years have passed
And childhood has its shadow cast
Perhaps yet unbeknownst to you
But soon you’ll see its shadow too….
I used to think I’d be so sad
As I recall the hours we had
When you were just a girl so wee
Never very far from me
But now a deeper keener sense
Stirs within the present-tense
And in its stirring I am glad
For every hour we have had
And my dear girl, I wish for you
The joys of growing older too
The light that sparkles in your eye
As a dream goes drifting by
I wish for you the wondrous chance
Of dreams come true, of loves sweet dance
I wish for you both smiles and tears
For as I look back o’er the years
I see how one refines the other
As I’ve been blessed to be your mother

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Happy Eighteenth Birthday, Emily<3

Be happy, young 'woman', while you are young,
and let your heart give you joy
in the days of your youth.
Follow the ways of your heart
and whatever your eyes see,
but know that for all these things
God will bring you into judgment. Eccles. 11:9

Monday, June 7, 2010


Sometimes its hard to recognize
The swift and fleeting hour
Until we turn to realize
That youth is but a flower……
A flower that blooms for one short day
Before its petals fall
Upon the fields of silver-gray
In moments to recall

How sweet and pure its tender grass
Where innocence is shaken
As childhood with its whispers pass
Into the room where wakens
The heart that beats with hopes and dreams
And restless wander-lust
Too soon, too soon its memory gleams
From cradles in the dust

And now we walk a slower pace
As time in its wise teaching
Shows us our need for Grace
And Hands beyond our reaching
So as I look back to the field
Where one brief dance I squandered
I envy not her misty shield
Or those blue hills I wandered

For now, though innocence is gone
With youth and all her beauty
Though carefree hours long have flown
Beyond my realm of duty
Within the arms of middle-age
And dusty blue September
Tenderly I turn the page
And humbly I remember

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Birthdays always make me nostalgic........

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Field of Daisies

Take your tropical vacations
Travel all around the world
See the wonders of the nations
And their finest sights unfurled
I am satisfied with summer
In its pure and simple bliss
Drop me in a field of daisies
‘Neath the sunshine’s soft warm kiss

Take me to the brink of heaven
Where the summer breezes play
Where the endless cares are driven
To horizons far away
Where the morning warm and hazy
Beckons in a lacy dress
Take me to a field of daisies
‘Neath the blue skies soft caress

On a hill-side swept with laughter
Of a thousand, thousand blooms
Where I gaze at heavens rafters
From the grandest living-rooms
Here in meadows, soft and lazy
On the summer-scented sod
In a field of perfect daisies
I have seen the hand of God

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Saturday, June 5, 2010


I think you know when you look at me
And flash those baby blue eyes
I’m as helpless as can be
I fear that they hypnotize
The logic that I count upon
For in their clear blue calm
I melt like chocolate in the sun
A puddle in your palm
No one warned me when we met
About your secret power
Somehow you help me to forget
The dark and lonely hour
As you fix your eyes on me
And smile your sweetest smile
I think you know that I will be
Your puppet for awhile

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

I baby-sit a little guy and I think he knows...
he is irresistibly cute!!!
All he needs to do is smile
and I'm his for awhile!!!!

My Garden

It takes time and work and patience
Tender loving care,
Pruning, weeding, lots of loving
To grow a garden fair
It takes sunshine by the hour
But it would be in vain
For if we would see the flower
Then we need the rain

Yes, a truly lovely garden
Never happens over night
But with time and kind direction
Oh, what sweet delight
Eventually the pruning, weeding
Painful though it be
Will bring the flowers of His creating
To maturity

Lord, as I work within my garden
Guide my hands I pray
These buds are still so soft and tender
Hear me, Lord I pray
In the hearts of my dear children
Plant Your love so true
Won’t You help me tend my garden
So it will bloom for You

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin


Fairer than the lilies, Lord
No one will ever be
Jewel of creation
Fashioned perfectly
Man can only imitate
The hand of this Designer
But they will never once create
Any garment finer
Essence of perfection
Captured in a bloom
Heavens pure reflection
In nature’s living-room

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Thursday, June 3, 2010

More Than You Bargained For....

Darling I know in the past twenty-two years
You got more than you bargained for
You learned about mood-swings and those hormone things
But you’ve learned so much more
You’ve discovered the hidden truth
What the game of golf really means
And why there are more older men than youth
Strolling upon the greens
You got rear-enders and broken fenders
And errands in every direction
And whether you know it or not you own
A sizeable shoe collection
You got more bills than you ever dreamed
On the day you said ‘I do’
But maybe that’s because you got
A couple more mouths to feed too
And these have brought questions and more education
Than we ever learned in school
Some days I feel your share of frustration
I got more than I bargained for too!
We got more love and laughter and kisses
Than we knew ever existed
When you became mister and I became missus
‘Cause we could no longer resist it
Yes, I know in these past twenty-two years
You got more than you bargained for
But tell me darling, hasn’t it been great?
Let’s hope for twenty-two more!

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Happy 22nd Anniversary, Jim!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Does She See Jesus?

What do you see my little girl
As you fix those eyes on me?
As I fold the laundry, sweep the floor
Or sip a cup of tea
What would you tell me if I asked
What would your answer be?
Would you see a little bit of Jesus
Or do you just see me

What do you see, my little girl
When you drop that glass of juice
Or the laundry gets rained on after its dry
And mothers emotions run loose
What do you see when my supper burns
And I’m expecting company
Do you see the love of Jesus
Or do you just see me?

When you sit beside me on a church pew
Do you see the same mother then?
As the one that burns the supper
Or stubs her toe again?
If someone asked, to whom would you compare
Your mother’s personality
Would the name Jesus even enter your mind
Or would you just see me?

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Blessed are the meek;
for they will inherit the earth. Matt.5:5

We All Go Home

When the last eulogy has been spoken
And the final song is sung
When the rose as a farewell token
Is laid upon old or young
When the tears and whispered comforts
Have helped to soothe us some
We turn toward the exit
And we all go home

Tall and short, blonde and brunette
The young and young at heart
The quick, the slow, the in-between
Eventually depart
In mini-vans, Mercedes-bens
Pick-up trucks for some
Buses, taxis, cars of all kinds
We all go home

All but the one who rests in the ground
And soon will return to dust
But his soul will move on eternity bound
As every soul someday must
To meet with the deeds that we have done
No more this earth to roam
In the land beyond the rising sun
We will all go home

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

The dead were judged according to what they had done
as recorded in the books. Rev. 20:12

I Turn To Jesus

When the world and people and most often myself
Have somehow let me down
And the things I foolishly counted upon
Are scattered across the ground
When trust and forgiveness and even love
Are hard things to be found
I turn to Jesus, for this I know
He will never let me down

His words are faithful, His promises true
His love will never fail
His compassion in each morning is new
He rides upon each gale
There is no impasse within His arms
His perfect love will prevail
So I turn to Jesus, my Father, my Friend
My Redeemer who will not fail

If life was never an up-hill climb
With no battles to be fought
If I was granted each wish of mine
And I’d find every answer I sought
Would I turn to Jesus if I had no need?
Would He enter into my thought?
Would I turn to Jesus and give Him the lead?
No, I am sure I would not

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

You Never Give Up on Me

God, I guess as I contemplate
What the most wondrous thing must be
I see myself in my erring state
But You never give up on me
Time and again I let You down
God, oh how sad You must be
But your mercy pours from Heaven’s throne
And You never give up on me

Down on my knees I plead for Your grace
I’ve failed You once again
I’m unworthy to seek Your face
But my sorrow is not in vain
From Calvary’s cross and Heaven above
Down to my errant heart
Flows Your crimson fountain of love
To cleanse my inner-most part

Everyone on this earth would walk away
If I failed them as I fail You
But You just love me anyway
In spite of the things I do
I cannot fathom such wonderful love
Or how vastly deep it must be
Yet over and over its depth You prove
For you never give up on me

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Oh, the depth of the riches of the wisdom and[a] knowledge of God!
How unsearchable his judgments,
and his paths beyond tracing out!
34"Who has known the mind of the Lord?
Or who has been his counselor?"[b]
35"Who has ever given to God,
that God should repay him?"[c]
36For from him and through him and to him are all things.
To him be the glory forever! Amen.

Your Temple

Lord, how is the temple when You look at me?
Is it as clean as it ought to be?
Or do you see clutter strewn about?
A pile of garbage that should be thrown out
Dear Lord, as you look in upon me
What kind of temple do you see?

Is it a place in which You gladly dwell?
With every space tended very well
Are You welcome in every last nook
Where nothing is hidden, in case You should look
If I am Your temple, is it fit for a King?
A humble example of a pure offering

Lord, it’s such an honor that You should dwell
In every corner of this lowly shell
Teach me how to keep this temple well-swept
A tender example of a house well-kept
If I am Your temple upon this earth
Than I am filled with priceless worth

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Do you not know that your body is a temple of
the Holy Spirit, who is in you
whom you have received from God? 1Cor.6:19